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Important Dates

  • When are Performer, Artist, Vendor, Volunteer, and Staff applications open?
  • All 2024 applications are now open on our website. Please refer to the dates on the Apply page for each specific application's closing date.

  • When can I arrive for early entry?
  • Gate opens at 9am on Thursday August 29, 2024 for early entry. You will be required to have an early entry ticket to to enter the grounds on early entry day.


  • How do I buy a ticket?
  • Tickets are on sale NOW! Head over to our brand new ticket site to purchase. We have detailed information on camping packages on our tickets page.

  • What does my ticket include?
  • Your General Admission Festival Ticket includes: Festival Entry on Friday, August 30th at 9:00 am (MST), Free Tent Camping in a designated zone, Free Parking in the Free Parking Zone. To elevate your experience, we offer reserved camping sites, pre-set camping packages, Glamping Packages, and Camping Add-ons for purchase on our ticket page.

  • Does my GA ticket include early entry into the festival?
  • Your General Admission ticket will only allow you into the festival grounds as of Friday 9:00 am MST. For guests who wish to arrive onsite earlier, you can purchase an early entry upgrade online through our ticket site. Gates open at 9:00 on Thursday.

  • Can I sell my ticket?
  • Wicked Woods does not have a resale platform and we encourage extreme caution when purchasing or selling tickets online! Wicked Woods Music Festival is not responsible for third-party transactions. If you sell your ticket, you can transfer it to someone else through your User Portal. Transfers can not be undone.

  • Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
  • Yes, you can! You can easily transfer some or all of the items on your order by clicking the 'Start a Transfer' button in your User Portal. You will require the new individual's legal name, email address, and phone number. Please carefully review the items you are transferring before completing the transfer. Transfers cannot be undone.

  • Is there a deadline to transfer tickets to someone?
  • No, however please ensure the ticket has been properly transferred prior to the new ticket holder arriving at the festival.

  • Can tickets be transferred more than once?
  • Yes, they can! Once a ticket has been transferred to your name, you will have the ability to transfer it again online through the User Portal.

  • Can I buy tickets on site?
  • In the event that Wicked Woods does not sell out prior to the event starting, tickets will be available for purchase at the gate. Gate ticket sales are cash only.

  • What if I show up with a ticket in someone else's name?
  • If your ticket is in someone else's name, you will be denied entry. You'll need to leave the festival site OR track down a ticket that is still transferable. The name on the ticket MUST match the ID of the person using it at the festival. No exceptions.

  • Can I buy a ticket for a friend?
  • Yes! Tickets will be held under the original purchaser's name until you properly transfer each ticket to each friend online through our new system. You must transfer your extra tickets to your friends coming to the festival BEFORE you arrive at the gate.

  • If I can't make it to the festival, can I return my ticket for a refund?
  • There is no exchange or refunds on tickets, including if the event is terminated early, canceled due to extreme weather, forest fire, acts of nature, government regulation or other conditions beyond the control of Wicked Woods Music Festival. Please ensure that you will be able to attend the festival BEFORE purchasing your tickets.

  • What is the Refundable Booking option on your ticket site?
  • Tickets purchased with the Refundable Booking add-on included are refundable ONLY if they meet the Terms and Conditions agreed to at time of purchase. Orders without the Refundable Booking add-on included are not eligible for refund protection. Please refer to the Refundable terms linked below for more information.

  • What is your refund policy?
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for our refund policy. The Terms and Conditions can be accessed via our website footer.

    What to expect

  • Do I need a parking pass?
  • In order to camp with your vehicle, you will be required to purchase a car/truck parking or a RV parking pass. We have a free parking available at the front gate, which is only a short walk in with your camping gear, if you don't need to camp with your vehicle.

  • Do you have fancy camping?
  • Wicked Woods offers Glamping Packages through our ticket sale portal. Our package includes a fully setup 3 meter diameter bell tent, comfy queen size bed with sheets, and a decorated lit up area. You can add on extra items like bedding, water container, cooler, camping chairs, etc when purcahsing your Glamping.

  • Will there be vendors?
  • Wicked Woods has many different food and merchandise vendors to choose from to meet your shopping needs.

  • I'm a vendor, can I sell my goods?
  • All vendors must be approved by Wicked Woods and sign a Vendor Contract. Please submit an application if you wish to sell any type of goods at Wicked Woods. Unauthorized commercial vending prohibited. Selling anything without written consent from Wicked Woods Music Festival, is prohibited and may result in removal from the festival grounds.

  • Is there a potable water source?
  • There will be bottles of water available for purchase at the Vendors as well as multiple free potable water stations to fill up your reusable water containers.

  • Do you have an ATM?
  • Yes, there will be an ATM on site. Our ATMs are incredibly busy once the event starts and we encourage you to bring cash with you to site.

  • What if I loose my wrist band?
  • Wristbands are required at all times. If your wristband is lost, please bring your ticket and ID to the HR department and they will issue you a new wristband and invalidate the RFID tag on your misplaeced wristband.

  • Is there cell phone service?
  • Yes, there is cell phone service on site. The signal varies across carriers. but there is generally at least one bar for each carrier.

  • Can I bring my dog?
  • No, for the safety of all, pets are not allowed on site for Wicked Woods Music Festival. Registered service animals are permitted. Vehicles will be searched at the gate, if a pet is found, you will be refused entry. Service documentation required for service animals.

  • Can I bring my kid?
  • Although it would be wicked if you could bring your kiddo, we are a 19+ event. For a full list of prohibited items, please refer to the planning page in our info hub.

  • What is the weather like?
  • Plan for warm days and cool evenings. Although Wicked Woods is situated in Fairmont Hot Springs where the weather is milder, it still can get chilly in the evening. There will be fires and warm areas throughout to keep you nice and toasty!

  • What is your 'Leave No Trace' policy?
  • Infractions are subject to fines. Your entry includes a $3 environmental fee per person. It will include for your convenience a large dark garbage bag for garbage, a large clear bag for returnable recyclables and a pocket ashtray for your butts! Wicked Woods is held on sacred ground and we are focused on ensuring it is not left littered. Wicked Woods staff will check all campsites upon guest departure and provide clearance for you to exit the grounds. Please act respectfully.