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Code of Conduct

General Terms

The Wicked Woods Music Festival, hereinafter referred to as "The Festival", is committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and secure for all attendees. This Code of Conduct establishes the guidelines we expect all participants to follow, ensuring that The Festival remains a vibrant, celebratory, and safe space for all.

1. Prohibited Items and Security Measures

  1. All attendees are subject to thorough security checks upon entering the festival grounds for everyone's safety.
  2. Unauthorized, illicit, or potentially hazardous items will be confiscated.
  3. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: weapons, controlled substances, unauthorized alcoholic beverages, glass containers, pets (with the exception of certified service animals), unauthorized recording equipment, laser pointers, and any other items deemed potentially harmful or disruptive by security personnel.

2. Confidentiality and Non-Discrimination Policy

  1. The Festival values and respects the intrinsic rights of all individuals. Discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  2. Attendees will not be excluded or removed based on unverified allegations or insinuations.
  3. All attendees have the right to partake in The Festival's activities, provided they adhere to this Code of Conduct.

3. Defamation and Slander

  1. Defamatory statements, whether oral or written, that could damage the reputation of an individual or associated entity, are strictly prohibited.
  2. Malicious acts or statements targeted at any individual, The Festival, or its affiliates will be dealt with gravely.
  3. Offenders risk immediate ejection, a permanent ban from subsequent WWMF events, and potential legal ramifications.

4. Lost and Found Protocol

  1. The Festival offers a Lost and Found service located at the human resources building within the festival site. However, we are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal belongings.
  2. Items not claimed within three days after the event may be disposed of at the discretion of The Festival.
  3. Reporting lost items should be done with a comprehensive description and contact details. Note: Return mailing costs for unclaimed items will not be covered by The Festival.

5. Fire Prevention and Compliance

  1. Open flames are unequivocally banned at The Festival.
  2. Violators of this rule, or those causing significant fire hazards, might be subjected to legal and financial consequences as mandated by local regulations.
  3. Items such as barbecues, propane devices, torches, and non-approved fire equipment are prohibited.

6. Health, Safety, and Security Protocols

  1. The well-being of attendees is our topmost priority. Suspicious or perilous behaviors should be reported to festival crew members or security personnel immediately.
  2. Distinguished by their unique uniforms, our crew and security are proficient in managing situations to ensure attendee safety.

7. Accessibility Commitment

  1. To promote inclusivity, The Festival offers a designated Accessibility Zone for attendees with mobility challenges. For additional support, kindly refer to our information booth.

8. Sanctuary Provision

  1. The Sanctuary, open around the clock, offers a serene space for attendees needing a moment of respite, overseen by empathetic volunteers.

9. Outreach, Education, and Security

  1. The Festival's Outreach Team is on hand for health, safety, and informational needs. They can provide guidance on safety protocols, directions, and general event details.

This Code of Conduct is legally enforceable. Breaches may lead to immediate eviction from the festival premises without compensation and potential legal actions. We encourage attendees to act with consideration, respect, and embody the ethos of The Festival for the enjoyment of all present.

Misconduct, Harassment, and Assault

The Wicked Woods Music Festival stands firm against all forms of misconduct, discrimination, and harassment. We anticipate all attendees to interact with mutual respect and adhere faithfully to the guidelines provided. Breaches of these guidelines may result in immediate repercussions, including potential legal implications.

1. Social Misconduct

  1. The Festival strictly forbids any form of social misconduct.
  2. Actions that may be deemed as such include, but aren't restricted to: malicious or derogatory posts, comments targeting an individual's reputation, or creating an adverse environment based on any characteristic protected by laws or festival policies.
  3. Engaging in corruption, theft, embezzlement, or any unauthorized behaviors may lead to immediate eviction, a lasting ban, and possible legal actions.

2. Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, and Assault

  1. The Festival has zero tolerance for sexual discrimination, harassment, or assault.
  2. We are committed to tackling issues of sexual violence and challenging harmful stereotypes around this critical concern.
  3. Impermissible behaviors encompass derogatory comments, creating safety risks, endangering oneself or others, and theft.

3. Definition of Harassment

  1. Harassment consists of repeated or offensive comments or actions, including verbal or written remarks, gestures, or images that demean, insult, or intimidate based on bias or prejudice.
  2. Sexual harassment refers to unsolicited behaviors rooted in sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, such as unwarranted physical contact, intrusive inquiries about personal sex life, or inappropriate remarks about one's physical appearance.

4. Post-Assault Protocols

  1. The Festival's team receives extensive training on post-assault procedures, including potential risks of sexually transmitted infections from assaults and the critical nature of medical interventions like post-exposure prophylaxis.
  2. We are dedicated to providing victims of sexual assault with comprehensive, compassionate, unbiased, and trauma-informed support.
  3. Support includes immediate medical care, referrals to appropriate medical facilities or sexual assault services, and collaboration with law enforcement if necessary.

5. Support for Survivors

  1. Individuals impacted by sexual violence can access assistance through or by dialing 1-800-563-0808.
  2. Attendees are encouraged to not only avoid misconduct but to also proactively aid others who might be subjected to harassment or feel threatened. Collective vigilance and mutual respect can significantly minimize such occurrences.
  3. Festival personnel, identifiable by their uniforms, stand ready to help attendees by coordinating with venue security, offering escorts, or delivering any required support to ensure everyone's safety.

6. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

  1. Respecting the privacy of our attendees, staff, and vendors, The Festival maintains the confidentiality of incident specifics and does not publicly disclose detailed reports.
  2. Responses to raised concerns will always prioritize everyone's safety and resonate with The Festival's core principles. Decisions regarding interventions and subsequent actions rest solely with The Festival's leadership.

Dismissal and Banning of Offenders

1. Consequences for Non-compliance

  1. Attendees found in breach of the Wicked Woods Music Festival's Code of Conduct, or any acts of misconduct, will be subject to immediate repercussions.
  2. Violations might lead to an immediate ejection from the festival grounds, along with a 400-day exclusion from accessing the venue.
  3. Chronic or grave offenses may warrant a lifetime ban from any future events organized under the Wicked Woods Music Festival banner.

2. Organizer's Discretion

  1. The Festival's management holds the right to take necessary measures to maintain the safety and decorum of the festival, inclusive of evictions without offering a refund.
  2. In instances where the transgression is criminal, the management holds the right to collaborate with legal authorities.

3. Ensuring Safety and Reporting

  1. The Festival deeply values the participation and contributions of every attendee, crew member, volunteer, and patron. Our foremost priority is establishing a safe milieu for all.
  2. Attendees, upon witnessing or being informed of any breaches of the Code of Conduct or any inappropriate behavior, should promptly alert a festival crew member or security staff.

4. Expected Behavior

  1. Every attendee and staff member is anticipated to resonate with and manifest the values championed by the Wicked Woods Music Festival throughout the event's duration.
  2. We expect attendees to maintain an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. All demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviors are unequivocally prohibited.
  3. We urge everyone to remain aware of their environment and the well-being of their fellow festival-goers. Immediate reporting of any unsuitable behaviors to event security is highly encouraged.

Acknowledgment and Adherence

BY PARTICIPATING IN THE WICKED WOODS MUSIC FESTIVAL, EACH ATTENDEE PLEDGES TO RIGOROUSLY UPHOLD THIS CODE OF CONDUCT. Preserving a safe and collegial atmosphere for all involved is paramount. Non-compliance with these guidelines may culminate in immediate eviction, a 400-day barring period, or potentially an indefinite ban from all events linked with the Wicked Woods Music Festival.

Revised September 14, 2023