Find your vibe

at our 4 unique stages

The Hallow

When mother nature said she needed shelter from bad vibes, the Wicked Woods answered and breathed life into

  • The Hallow
  • – a crooked cabin where all are welcome. Carefully hidden but easy to find; this structure exists in synergy with the natural environment, providing a heartbeat that compliments the song of an old and sacred land.

    Prepare to be anchored and grounded in the center of our collective experience, attune your senses to the magic within. Feel the bass, see the light, be the vibe. They say the longer you spend in The Hallow, the harder it is to leave.

    The Hallow awaits. What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin.


    Situated on a magnificent plateau overlooking the Columbia Valley, the mighty Ursus stands tall and powerful. Embodying the spirit of the Bear which runs wild in our hearts; the Wicked Woods embrace and enhance its thunderous roar, an irresistible call to all who hear it.

  • Ursus
  • is guardian of the Woods in which it thrives, a reminder of our deep connection to nature and all things Wicked. In this honored gathering place we dance, stomp, and feel the release of our inner Bear – brought together as one to celebrate all forms of live performance, art, and inspired creation.

    Ursus rests within us all, it's time to wake the Bear.

    Unicorn Lounge

    Beneath the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, preserved within the sacred land of the Akisqnuk First Nations, resides the healing power of natural hot springs and infinite mystical energy.

    In this nexus of nature, it is said that the Wicked Woods whisper and sing; attracting the last of the Unicorns to convene and roam free. A Unicorn lives in us all - The Lounge pulls us in with dazzling colors and lights, the rumble of heavy bass, and mysterious funk-tastic vibes.

  • Unicorn Lounge
  • is calling us come home. In this ever-growing place of joy and wonder, your inner Unicorn runs wild and untamed; dance on the soft earth, connect with nature, fully embrace the weird and the wonderful creature within.

    Some people stop believing in Unicorns – but they never stop believing in you.

    The Portal

  • The Portal
  • began as a renegade stage nestled in the bushes just outside of the Unicorn Lounge and quickly became a fan favorite.

    Tucked within the trees and overlooking the valley, The Portal serenades us with deep bass and tantalizing visuals. Once you enter The Portal, it's nearly impossible to leave.

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